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on the grounded fleet as you see there. boeing down another half percent or so at $74.82. phil lebeau in chicago with the latest developments. phil? >> we are in the stage of the investigation where they are still gathering information before they make a determination of exactly what went wrong with the plane in japan as well as boston aircraft last week. here is the latest regarding the dream liner investigation. as you mentioned, investigators from the faa and ntsb are in japan. we will have more about that in a little bit. mean while, boeing engineers are working on a solution that would allow tlem to slow the faa, listen, we've got this problem under control. it is time to get the dreamliner back in the air. they are meet og an regular basis but there is no timeframe for when they might be able to get the air worthiness redirected. now with regard to the investigators in japan, visiting the ana plane, it's on the tarmac there. they spent today looking at the plane, looking at the battery, and what they are looking for right now are commonalities between this incident in japan and incident in
anybody is talking about. phil lebeau is in chicago. phil? >> talking about the comment from ceo jim, and comment about the dreamliner. we will have his comments next on "power lunch." like northern trust by your side makes all the difference. we add precision to your portfolio construction by directly matching your assets and your risk preferences against your own unique life goals. we call it goals driven investing. after all, you don't climb a mountain just to sit at the top. you look around for other mountains to climb. ♪ expertise matters. find it at northern trust. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watching. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. >>> in a declaration of reminiscent of douglas mcarthur, that's what boeing says while pledging a fourth quarter profit while topping fourth quarter estimates. trading higher an 7439. phil lebeau in chicago with the highlights. phil? >> that's when ceo started talking in the conference call. news about the 787 is the news worthy portion. they are standing about the
with stacy smith, coming up, before we go to break. phil lebeau with the latest on the troubles happening at boeing and how the past can inform on what's next for the 787. stay with us. >>> welcome back. check out the move on intel. the chip giant announcing fourth-quarter results. jon fortt has been poring over the numbers. what can you tell us? >> gross mar jib came in a point higher than intel projected, at 58% as opposed to 57%. predicting the same for q1. q1, the revenues they are projecting, are a little bit under the consensus. 12.7 billion plus or minus half a billion. they are projecting low single-digit revenue increase for fiscal 2013. gross margin at 60%. $30 billion in capital expenditures, a couple more things really quick. inventories were down more than half a billion dollars. half a billion dollars that intell projected, that's a good thing. head count up by 300 people, quarter over quarter and interestingly the pc client group revenue, that was down 6% year over year, maria. >> john. thank you soich. more on intel's numbers we bring in chief executive officer stacy smith
news. we'll get to phil lebeau momentarily. a market down in the double digits, off of the worse levels of the afternoon, but nonetheless we continue to see a lack of buyers after that huge rally that we saw last week, scott. >> yeah, and this is a couple days in a row now where we've, you know, haven't been able to put much together after what we had with such a great week last week. >> yeah. >> all that new money coming in from 401(k)s and pensions and the market feels like it wants to go higher, even though the fundamentals of the economy probably weakened. >> very much wait and see, and we'll get a good see after the bell today when alcoa reports. you guys will hear directly from klaus kleinfeld, speaks with you before he even speaks with the analysts, will give a good read on what earnings season will be, and that will determine what the market does. >> the fundamentals certainly could drive things, even though we've got that debt ceiling, the washington dysfunction. right now we're all about earnings. that certainly will be the near term catalyst. let's get this new information th
it lost yesterday. been a tough day for the stock. transportation reporter phil lebeau has been covering the developing story. phil, what can you tell us. >> reporter: bounceback day for boeing as we saw a number of analysts on wall street saying don't get too down on the dreamliner. ultimately it should be a successful airplane. look what we're looking at over the last month when you're talking about the dreamliner. documenting the problems we saw in december when it came to electrical issues causing a couple of the planes to either make an emergency landing or have some rough flights and then this week you had the fire on monday, a fuel leak in boston of another dreamliner and this morning a plane grounded due to another issue. a phone press conference with reporters defending the reliability of the 787 dreamliner. the takeoff schedule according to chief engineer, more than 92% of the time it's been scheduled to take off, it has taken off, and with regards to the lithium i.p. batteries people are worried about because it was the cause of the fire on monday, the chief engineer stands by
that have grounded the dreamliner lately. phil lebeau speaks to a man who says he was a whistleblower who was fired for ringing the alarm bells. >> and billionaire investor george soros says things aren't as good as he sees and why he sees another crisis around the corner from he speaks to mario have davos. >> in terms of wealth management and the word on the street, how surprised money moved into equities? do you think it's sustainable? >> one of the interesting conversations here in davos is what does the market see. the market right now, as we all know, was as high as it was at the peak of the internet bubble and the credit bubble if you take the s&p as an example and other market indices isn't too different. what does the market see and how is that possible? certainly doesn't feel like it did in the peak of those prior bubbles. hieve them. be happy to know that when it comes to your investment goals, northern trust uses award-winning expertise to lead you through an interactive investment process. adding precision to your portfolio construction by directly matching your assets and you
posted third quarter increase in profit but warned of shrinking sales over in europe. phil lebeau live in chicago. >> news might be good in terms of the earning but not forecast. earned $0.31, beat the street y $0.06. ford expected a greater than expected loss in europe. now projecting to lose $2 billion over in europe. here is the outlook from cfo bob shanks. >> the environment there continues to be very, very tough. we do think, perhaps, it's a trough in '12 and '13 but we'll have to wait and see. >> that's the bad news. the good news for ford continues to be in north america. look at the profits, $1.872 billion in the fourth quarter. that's almost a billion dollars more than the fourth quarter last year. profit margins above 10%. that's impressive especially in an auto industry where 7 and 8% in north america used to be considered good. what's driving north america, stronger pricing, stronger sales. the profit margins, however, this is one thing that concerns people, the profit margins are expected to stay level in 2013, not grow in north america. still over 10% is impressive for a
sickness, what is the economic impact. we will talk about that. plus, phil lebeau is live at the auto show. you lucky guy. what do you have coming up? >> reporter: wreb when the prius was a niche vehicle? they sold 238,000 last year. and they believe that is just the beginning. we will talk with the head of toyota north america when "power lunch" returns. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro. just like you. we replaced people with
performance. >> phil lebeau live with the fords numbers. >> the street asked for gain of 1.6%. most of that coming in the areas where we expected some strength. what's really going to be interesting today, not only ford but all the automakers, look what happens with pickup truck sales, seeing steady growth in that area. in particular, when gm reports at the top of this hour, remember, got a huge backlog of pickup trucks. how much of that were they able to clear out and how much are we seeing organic growth within demand for pickup trucks. about an hour ago, we had chrysler reporting better-than-expected numbers as well. you have got ford better than expected, chrysler at 10.4% increase versus 7.3% being the estimate. are we setting ourselves up to see december come in as the best month in terms of a sales rate this year? november is the previous best coming in at just under 15.5 million. many are saying we are probably going to be in the 15.3 range. don't be surprised if we do top that number, given that we are starting to see better-than-expected numbers so far today. guys? >> so b
fires in the cockpit on two occasions and fuel leaks as well. our phone phil lebeau will join us with this story. now back to the headline story, president obama called on congress to further restrict assault weapons and limit ammo magazines today. marking the broadest push for gun control in a generation we have cnbc eamon javers who is here to join us with the details. >> reporter: it was an emotional event over at the white house. the president flanked by small children announcing his proposals on gun violence announcing a new assault weapons ban, limits on magazine sizes, enhanced background checks and access to mental health. the president said however that lawmakers up on capitol hill have a stark choice to make. >> what's more important? doing whatever it takes to get an a grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns, or giving parents some piece of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. >> reporter: the gun lobby in the form of the national rifle association reacted today saying attacking firearms and igdmoirj is not a solution to the crisis we face a
a share. phil lebeau has more on the problems plaguing that aircraft and boeing. phil? >> tyler, you were showing boeing intraday, go back to last monday. that was the first report after dream liner problem in boston. it's been a roller coaster. but since last monday, down 3.4%, here is more in terms of the investigations. not "investigation", but "investigations." they are sending investigators to japan because of the plane that had an emergency landing yesterday. meanwhile, all nippon and dream liners are grounded. and lij yom ion batteries are the scrutinized batteries as they look at what went wrong with these planes. we mentioned the a and a flight. there was a landing in japan, the pilots saw a battery light come on. a and a says the main battery was discolored and election trol sis solution leaked. the lithium ion batteries are made by a japanese company. the company down roughly 9%. by the way, the battery in yesterday's incident, same as the battery at boston logan airport fire. >>> finally, lot airlines out of poland, taking off inaugural flight today, from warsaw to chicago. to
battery investigation, as well. phil lebeau joins us with the details. phil, we keep hearing more about what's happening. this is some indication of what they knew and when. >> yeah. for the first time we're starting to hear that al nippon airways, the launch customer for the dreamliner, reported to boeing that it had problems with the lithium ion batteries in the dreamliners several times before the incident that we had on january 16 in japan. according to al nippon airways, they've had to replace ten batteries in the dreamliners between may and december. they reported some of those incidents because of power drops with the batteries or because they were undercharged. remember, the volatility of lithium ion batteries if they're undercharged or overcharged, and the gtsb, japan's transport safety board and ntsb have been notified about this. they'll look at the records about how often a&a had to replace the batteries and what happened -- ana had to replace the batteries and what hand. perhaps the batteries have a failure rate that is greater than what you would expect to find or could be
dragging down the dow today as yet another problem is grounding some boeing dreamliners. phil lebeau with the latest developments out of boeing. we'll speak with an aviation expert who says it may be time to ground the entirefield fleet. moments away from ebay's earnings report. stay with us on the "closing bell." >>> welcome back. we're moments away from ebay's earnings jon fortt will be breaking down the numbers once they come out. we want you to talk about the company and what to expect with david garrity of gba research. good to see you both. david, let talk about ebay and what you're expecting. estimates call for 69 cents a share and 3.8 billion. what's the biggest takeaway here? >> the biggest thing is to look and see how much they capitalize on mobile. both mobile for commerce and mobile as well for the use of their papal service. if you look at some of the trends that were out there. it seemed overall that december had maybe a little bit slower pace of activity than november, but the indications were that the mobile channel actually put a very strong finish around the holiday
. phil lebeau with all the details next. >> and don't miss maria's exclusive interview with jamie dimon on tape from davos, finally had it with the bad reputation pages have right now and today he's fighting back. wait until you hear what he told maria. that's coming up. stay stupid. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! >>> boeing shares are stabilizing but the stock is still down since its dreamliner nightmare began, and now the senate is looking into the situation. phil lebeau has the latest on this situation. phil? >> reporter: today is a day when we heard from the secretary of transportation, and one question he received in washington today is when will they possibly lift the grounding on the dreamliner? by all indications, he says they are a ways from that happening. >> i'm not going to comment on any of this in the middle of
earnings. guys, back to you. >> thanks so much, phil lebeau. the dow jones industrial average 50 points away from 14,000. that 200 points away frommin a all-time high reached back in 2007. if you think that's made marc faber less bearish, you'd be very wrong. despite, that marc is the man behind the gloom, doom and boom report and joins me now to talk markets. good to see you, marc. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> so you say regardless of what the markets do near term, a correction is overdue. when do you expect a correction and how significant? >> well, i think it can start any day. we are very overbought but it's also possible that we have a mild correction in february and then a further increase in stock prices, something that would be similar to 87 where in the first half of the year until august the market went up by 41%. to lose 47% in two months in october and november, so it's a possibility that we have a lot of volatility in equity prices. i'm selling shares at the present time. i'm reducing positions because there is euphoria building up. >>
. there was an oil leak and the other a cracked windshield. phil lebeau is tracking information from washington. >> the ntsb said, this is af plane, feel confident if you are playing it. at the same time, the faa launched a special review looking at reliability and safety of the 787 dreamliner. it'll be run by the faa. but boeing will be assisting in that review and so will some of the suppliers, no doubt, as they look at electronics and use of lithium ion batteries on the dreamliner. remember a lithium ion battery was traced to be the source of the fire of the 787 that caught on fire while parked at a gate in boston on monday. in 2007 the faa made special rules for the use of lithium ion batteries on airplanes because of flammability can concerns. with all of that said, listen to what the head of the faa and secretary of transportation add to say when asked point blank, is it safe to fly the dreamliner. >> there's nothing that data has said that would suggest this airplane is not safe. >> i believe this plane is safe and i would have absolutely no reservation of boarding one of these planes an
15, 16, 17 points, boeing. hope you were all watching phil lebeau and the dreamliner returning based on a possible fuel leak. boeing at a new high at the beginning of the year, rough couple of days. telecom stocks, pcs had weak sub viber figures. that was yesterday that news was out, now the downside. finally want to talk about corporate bonds holding up well. big week for corporate bonds, look at the biggest corporate bond etf held up very well this year. back to you. >> mary thompson with a market flash. >> taking a look at shares of united technologies, come off the lows of the day. this as news pratt and whitney engine making unit has received a contract from a brazilian air manufacturer to provide engine for new regional jet basically replacing former provider of that engine. ge, former parent. sue, back to you. technologies off the low. >> thank you, mary. back with andrew, senior portfolio manager and managing director of morgan stanley wealth management. you have some stocks on your radar screen right now because so many stocks were really thrown out in december. you find tha
. >>> let's get to the top corporate story of the morning. it is boeing. phil lebeau is+++j™n dreamliner. the review is likely to include a study of the design and electrical portions of the plane. we will bring you all that news at 9:00. it's 9:30. there it is. phil will join us from d.c. with more in the next half hour. we'll take a look at boeing shares. you can see it's been a rocky road this week, but the shares have climbed back after that dip middle of the week there. and the dreamliner was hit by two more mishaps in japan today. one suffered a cracked cockpit window and an oil leak. both flights were operated on nippon airways. >> i'm wondering about the maintenance on nippon. >> do you think it's that? >> i don't know what it is. it seems to me that -- i'll defer to the experts and people like phil. but just my inclination is to think -- they mentioned the windshield. there's five panes. it was the very outer one and it points out in the article -- and it article probably didn't want to point it out, they see it on all different aircraft makes over there, you get cracks and then
/3 of a buck. phil lebeau at o'hare in chicago with the latest. hi, phil. >> hi, tyler. the focus is shifting about when boeing might find a solution to the dreamliner being grounded. here's the latest with what's happening with the faa and with boeing and some of the dream liners around the world. they're working with the faa on a possible solution. we say possible, the idea being perhaps to come up with a way of testing some of the lithium ion batteries. we'll have more on that in a little bit. more countries and regions of the world have grounded the 787. the focus is making the lithium iotter to be used inside these planes. the concern for the faa is that there's a fire possibility with the lithium ion batteries. that prompted them to grouped the dreamliners. they're checking those in boston with those from japan and comparing what similarities they might find with those two. by the way, the batteries are made by a japanese firm g. g.s. uwasa. as for shares of boeing, down fractionally today. down 5% since january 7th. for a number of analysts on wall street the question becomes when do y
revenue. >> phil lebeau joins us in chicago with the details. phil? >> we're talking about essentially a mileage tax. and what we're seeing, the first state to do this essentially is is the state of washington. starting next month it will be taxing those who own an electric vehicle $100 per year. why electric vehicles? you can't get a gas tax from those who are charging their car at home. as a result that tax revenue is going into the state transportation fund. why is washington doing this and other states looking at something similar? gas tax revenues are under pressure. first the recession means people are driving less. particularly painful for the federal government. it gets 18 cents in tax from every gallon of gas bumped in the country. on top of that, you have fewer high efficiency models. every year we have seen the fuel efficiency increase. it's now at its all-time high for new vehicles. 23.9 miles per gallon in december. 23.8 for all of 2012. as a result a lot of states particularly washington, oregon, minnesota, others. they're studying vehicle use taxes. minnesota and oregon
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of manufacturing. sue? >> all right. phil lebeau, thank you so much. you saw the chart that phil put up. what is ahead for the stock in rick is reiterating his buy rating on boeing. thanks for joining us. why are you repeating the bye rating and what's the target? >> i think the stock is trending up higher. boeing has taken a while to get the 787 out in customer hands but in flight or on the ground, issues, nobody is canceling orders and the airplanes are going back into very ready service. i think if there was a safety problem, the ntsb would have acted by now and secondly the airline would ground the planes. boeing has a huge backlog and booked in 2012 twice the number of airplanes that they delivered to customers. that the highest number of deliveries since 1999. and they are ramping up production and earnings will go higher the next several years. >> all right. what is your target? i understand you had a $90 price target on it. is that correct, or not? >> one-year price target is $090 but that could just be a starting point. >> just when you think things couldn't get worse for congress's
, at this point, the premarket is down by almost 3%. phil lebeau will join us live from o'hare in just a moment. also today, a number of names to watch before the opening bell, including citigroup, blackrock and united health. as always, we will bring you these numbers as soon as they hit the tape. we have weekly jobless claims, housing starts and the philadelphia fed survey. claims are expected to dip to 368,000 from 371,000. housing starts are seen rising to 890,000 to 861,000. andrew, we have a lot of things keeping us busy today. >> we do. thank you, becky. in the meantime, let's turn back to boeing. cnbc's phil lebeau is at o'hare this morning with more. good morning, phil. >> good morning, andrew. we're here at the international because this is where the last dreamliner in the united states landed last night. we'll talk about that in just a bit. first, let's talk more about this fa adirective, essentially grounding all 787 dreamliners. this directive issued yesterday afternoon. it covers technically just usair lines flying the dream liner and usair space. but in reality, all other civil a
. >>> coming up. a lot on the detroit auto show. a top bmw executive is going to join phil lebeau. if you went to bed early last night, it was important. >> the golden globes were fantastic. >> did you see ben affleck sthp. >> yes. >> and steve iger. >> iran hostage drama "argo" won best movie drama. the musical and one of the universal films "les mis" won the contest for best comedy or musical as well as acting award for hugh jackman and ann hathway. and lincoln got only one golden globe out of seven because they found out he wasn't wearing that hat. >> bill clinton showed up, too. >> did he? >> yeah. >> he got the win. more importantly, duke lost to the wolf pack. they were undefeated and michigan lost to ohio state. so then you saw the falcons finally got off. >> and the patriots won? >> the patriots looked pretty good. >> it was a one-point gain, right? >> it was 30 seconds. anyway, we'll be back. i had to end with some sports after that hollywood dribble. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn a
sold this year could be closer to 15.4 million. cn cnbc's own phil lebeau was saying it could be 15.5 million. tomorrow i think we're going to find out about december sales numbers and it's going to be terrific. hurricane sandy wrecked hundreds of thousands of cars that need to be replaced. bloomberg surveyed a bunch of analysts and they're predicting a 9.8 increase for december. put it together and the domestic auto market is clearly on fire. in fact, it's giving rise to maybe just maybe one of my best ideas for 2013. we still got a tremendous amount of pent-up demand in the country. the average car on the road is ancient, 11 years old. it's now easy to get a loan for a new car at a super low interest rate this is a story where the easy answer is the best answer. don't try to outsmart yourself. continual theme for 2013. we're on track to sell a huge number of cars in the country, buy ford. why ford? first of all, it's the best auto company in america it likely sold 2.2 million cars in the u.s. last year. it is the first auto company to get back to the prerecession levels. the ford
in the last month. phil lebeau with the gm president from the auto show. let's get the opening bell in just a minute. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinko
-royce is betting it won't. phil lebeau has details. phil. >> reporter: rolls is putting up numbers a lot of people may be surprised with. take a look at what rolls did in 2012 t.set a new global sales record selling 3,575 vehicles. that is a new record, surpassing the record they held back in 1978. the u.s. is replacing china as the number one market for rolls-royce sales. that might surprise a few people, but they noticed a slow dunne at the end of last year in china, a bit of an uptick in the u.s. u.s. sales fell 18.8% in 2012. that said, the ceo of rolls says they are not going to diminish what they plan on doing in the future. >> we are the pinnacle of all luxury brands in the world, and for that reason we are not interested in ups and downs and dramatic growth patterns and all that stuff. we are interested in constant growth over the years to come, but sustainable growth. >> and that sustainable growth increasingly coming from new markets, particularly south america. we're showing you this chart because the corporate patient of rolls rouse is bmw. bmw announce it had set a global sales record
nightmare, phil lebeau joins us right after this break. [ male announcer ] how u make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watching. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. >>> welcome back to the program. there are a couple of stories you should check out on our website today. one, should we have to work until the age of 70? some ceos in the u.s. think so and they're urging congress to raise medicare and social security eligibility to 70 from 67. there's plenty more on our website. also, president barack obama has unveiled sweeping gun control. he wants to ban military style assault weapons and do tougher background checks. the u.s. national rifle association is prepping for, quite, the fight of the century against the plan and there's detail on that, too. >>> con
that investors need to know about today and phil lebeau is in chicago with both of those. hi, phil. >> hi, sue. this is secretary of transportation ray lahood speaking at a luncheon of the arrow club. we expect him to make some comments regarding the dreamliner. he hasn't spoke about the dreamliner yet. it has been a week since the grounding of the 787. he will is introduce the head of the faa. here is the latest regarding the 787 investigation. jtsb within counterpart to ntsb out of japan, now says the battery involved in an incident over there was not overcharged. that's a reversal for them. meanwhile, ntsb is testing the lithium ion battery cells in washington, d.c. investigators are running multiple test at multiple locations. some at boeing in seattle, some at washington. they not continuing to peel back the onion looking for more, in terms of what is the cause between the dreamliner incidence. also in washington, there is discussion that u.s. senate is considering hearings to address the history of the 787 dreamliner. the t is in the discussion phase. the house of representatives, says i
lebeau's got breaking news ton the 787 boeing dream liner. phil, if you're out there, tell me what you've got, my friend. >> larry, we have learned that the faa is going to be conducting a special review of the power system in the 787 dream liner. essentially this is the faa saying let's take a pause here and take a look at the design, the manufacturing, how the power system works on the dream liner. let me be clear here, this is a special review. this is not an airworthiness directive. it would be a much more serious matter. and it might involve airlines being told stand down, don't fly this plane. that is not what is happening. airlines that have the dream liner will continue to flow it. but the faa is saying this is not simply looking into what happened on monday in boston, we want to do a special review of the power system remember, at the heart of this is the issue of the way the dream liner derives so much of the onboard electricity. this uses much more electricity than any other plane. as a result, it's much more complex than your typical airplane. again, the faa is going to be
event is our own phil lebeau. phil, good morning. i guess your thoughts here as we work through the conference. is gm, despite losing global market share to toyota, potentially winning hearts and minds here? >> well, they're definitely winning hearts with the corvette stingray. anybody who saw the stingray the night that it was unveiled, immediately you said, wow, look at this car. it has the styling queues of the '63 stingray. it is such an iconic brand. and it's a brand that, with this new version, they haven't ruined it. sometimes you have a classic brand and they bring out a new model and you go, what? what were you thinking? that's not the case here. so clearly, that's generating a lot of buzz. you add to the fact that cadillac for the first time ever has won the car of the year award, which is hard to believe given how long cadillac has been around. you can see some momentum there. that said, anybody would was attending this auto show, all of the journalists, were all well aware of the challenges facing both cadillac as well as general motors. so it's nice to see the momen
to what the boeing ceo told phil lebeau about the dreamliner a few weeks ago. >> we're having what we would consider the normal number of squawks on a new airplane, consistent with other new airplanes we've introduced. this is an issue we're chasing down. we regret the impact on our customers obviously. but i would put this overall in the normal introductory squawk kind of level. >> and you know what's interesting about this, jim, is a lot of analysts on the street are saying these are teething pains with any new aircraft out there. we saw that with the airbus, they had a cracked wing problem. you know what their stock did that year? more than 25% gain. >> phil talked about that yesterday. remember, the alcoa quarter, 8900 orders for planes, substantial number boeing. mcinearney? this is an era where there are cameras on planes. i've watched the smoke coming from that thing. the first thing i said, shoot, man, i'm flying to new orleans, and i hope it's a 737. you know, this is the mind-set. >> you want to raise awareness regarding airplanes in this country? put it on the cover of "usa
's phil lebeau has that story next. and check this out. silvia, john, keon, emerson blake and palmer. it's bill emerson and john rogers our lineup for the next hour to guide you through today's trading today. tell you where to put your money and what's working now. "squawk box" is coming right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. >>> comments about the airlines this morning. the firm is upgrading shares of southwest to a buy from hold saying the company has turned the corner on the air tran acquisition at the same time deutsche has lowered its rating on jetblue to hold from buy. it's expecting only modest earnings growth this year. >> okay. a fire breaking out on a parked boeing dreamliner at logan airport in boston sparking concerns about safety issues. cnbc's phil lebeau joins us now with more on this story that's
. boeing stock having the highest trading day since june '90, and it was a lot of ceiling. phil lebeau with the details on why boeing is getting ahead. >> we thought most of the focus would be on the dreamliner fire from yesterday, but there was other news starting with the fire. boeing today saying that the 787 fire was traced to a battery in the plane's auxiliary power unit. the ntsb says the battery suffered severe fire damage. by the way, they sent two more investigators there. we have checked with airlines that fly the dreamliner. many say they have checked the battery and the wiring. boeing also issuing a statement today saying with regards to the fire investigation, nothing that we've seen in this case indicates a relationship to any previous 787 power system events, all of those relating to electrical concerns on the dreamliner. meanwhile, like deja vu in boston, a jal dreamliner suffered a fuel leak on the boston runway losing 40 gallons of jet fuel before it returned to the gate. they fix that had fuel leak t.eventually took off n.december the faa ordered dreamliner fuel line
this a quick fix could cut that estimate down. >> phil lebeau, a quick fix is looking for dicy at this point, isn't it? >> yeah, bill, still got more questions than answers at this point and today the ntsb fang out around the country and the globe trying to get more answers. in tucson, arizona, ntsb along with members of boeing were down at a company called secure a plane. owned by its corporate plane out of london. they make chaernlgs for the lithium batteries down there doing some tests. the ntsb with boeing investigators out in everett, washington, where they make the dreamliner. they have hundreds of employees at boeing in everett working on the 878 problem, and they are in teams trying to do what you would want to do here, do a test. try to figure out if there's some common theme here. and finally in japan, japanese investigators, along with investigators from the ntsb, they are looking at the battery from the ana dreamliner, the ntsb said that battery was ore charged, different than what was said about boston taking a look at boeing since the incident on boston on january 7th. still mo
52-week highs and hanging on to advances of 3% and 2% respectively. cnbc's phil lebeau has more from chicago. >> we knew the numbers would be strong. almost all of the reports today better than expected. gm, ford, chrysler, doing well compared to what the street was expecting. toyota, the one falling shy of that, coming in at 9% increase. the december sales rate, that what people are focused on right now, it is likely to be the best of 2012. it needs to beat 15.54 which is what it was in november. i've talked to people who think that is likely to happen. that's the projection at this point to be greater than 15.5 million. one piece of news that's out there today, we had the clans to talk with general motors regarding its sales. it did a job of cutting out its inventory. remember a bloated supply of pickup trucks there at 139 days supply in november. they cut nearly two months off that. down to 80. and they believe they do not have to cut production because they have been able to manage inventory. as you look at shares of gm and ford, as you mentioned, both hitting 52-week highs. coup
. phil lebeau is taking a look at those high flyers. pun intended, florida. >> three airlines reported earnings. take a look at united. smaller than expected loss. on a conference call, jeff says they stand by the dreamliner and are expected to get it back some day. then south beats the street by a penny. telling squawk box, some day they could change the baggage charge policy. finally alaska, coming in inline with estimates. when you take a look at all of these stocks, going back over the last year, heck of a run particularly over the last five or six months. look at that. all of them moving substantially higher since august but go back to '07 and there's only one airline stock that has done well. alaska air. up 252%. rest of them, they are all down. so there's the difference guys. you see the market coming back. only the last six months we are seeing rebound for airline stocks. >> that's a huge percentage increase for alaska air. that's phenomenal. thank you. >> before we let you go, big event coming up later. regarding boeing's dreamliner. do we have any idea what it is, what the de
more mishaps in japan and under more scrutiny from the faa. phil lebeau joins us this morning from washington. >> the faa announcing in about 15 minutes a special safety review of the 787 dreamliner. we'll be hearing from secretary lahood, along with boeing executives in a bit. here's what the safety review, what it basically comes down to is this. they're going to be looking at the 787's electronics and specifically also looking at the lithium ion batteries. the manufacturing process also under review. an important point, though, the planes will stay in service. you talked about two incidents overnight in japan. these dreamliner incidents happened on an airway that involved a cracked windshield, another was an oil leak on a dreamliner. neither incident resulted in any problems for the crew or the passengers. we talked with the head of public relations for el nappon airways. the question is whether they'll stand by the 787. here's what they told us, we're confident of the safety of the dreamliner and have no plan to conduct any actions to the remaining 787s. if you take a look at s
, as a result, both al nippon and japan airlines have grounded their dreamliner fleets. we talked to phil lebeau and said were people going to ground these planes or continue to keep them in the air. and now you have him being grounded. wonder what united is going to do and the other airlines. >> let's check on the markets so far. future are indicating that we'll have slightly lower open. last i checked. yeah, it's going to be generally flat. s&p will open lower by nearly four. the dow opening lower by 39. the nasdaq would open over slightly higher. over in europe, down across the board. ftse lower by half a percent. cac lower by .25%. and in judiciary overnight we saw the market -- in asia overnight, we saw the market lower. the nikkei lower by 2.5%. probably has to do with the strengthening yen in the last two days that we've seen. as for the price of oil, it is high ee eer for wti and brent. 93.51. 110.67. 2.70. and the ten-year yields, 1.8%. .8% higher for the ten year in terms of price. the dollar is weaker against the yen and stronger against the pound. 88 yen for every dollar. you'll -- e
in this story. phil lebeau has been following it from the very beginning. he will join us more in the next hour. >>> also, another twist in the hewlett packard saga. the wall street journal reports hp narrowly missed out on an opportunity to buy out that company. the company was told there was an alleged of improper accounting at autonomy. the article says hp executives on the call does not mention that up the food chain to the board or the ceo at that point was leo apoteker. >> he was like a pharmacist, apothecary. >> the board established a limit of how much to pay on autonomy. and the board finance committee did not follow normal practices in approving this deal. as people dig back through, there will be even more places they are pointing the finger game. >>> japan's central bank is promising to pump unlimited into the economy and generation some growth. the bank of japan hiked its target for inflation to 2%. i was out last week and it was said from 2014, it would adopt an open ended commitment to assets. there are the asian markets this morning. japan had a big move last week. the nikkei es
of the battery heating on board was still unknown. and now phil lebeau making it maybe five or five joins us on the phone from chicago. phil, good morning. thank you again for calling this. look, we know that u.s. safety officials will be on the ground in japan. what is at stake here? what is the purpose for this visit? >> this is for them to get their own hands on look at what happens, a, with the battery and, b, with the ana plane. they finished their inspection of the ana plane. now they'll be focused on looking at the battery. what they're doing here is look at what commonality there is between the battery that failed in japan and the battery that caught on fire from the japan airlines boston last week. once they can look at that and is if they can establish some commonality, if there is some commonality in terms of what went wrong with this battery, that gives them a leg up in terms of saying, okay, here is what we think happened, here is what we think needs to change in the future with regards to the battery, the power systems on these planes. and at this point, i can tell you fr
on january 7. phil lebeau joins us now on the phone from chicago with the latest on this story. and phil, what is -- first of all, what's boeing saying about this? secondly, are they going to be able to address it? will they have to address it on the earnings call later? >> good morning, kelly, ross. they will have to address this. but i think this might be a bit of a disappointment for investors who are looking for a clarion call in terms of, hey, here is what is going on so that we have a better sense of let's say the next three months. i think we're in a period here with the dreamliner investigation where when you look at the reports coming from investigators, when you look at what we're hearing back from al nippon airways from japan airlines, it's clear that there is no send that they know exactly what happened with these batteries. as a result, boeing on the conference call yesterday posted fourth quarter and full-year earnings. the ceo will get a lot of questions about what happened with the dreamliner. and unless he says we're going to have to change production, i'm not sure we're
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at the phil lebeau indicator, he's about to come on, unless he's with carl, forget it, lebeau coming in. it's still going. >> you have been pretty consistent in saying there are other ways to play this. >> you go with the koty company, honeywell, breaking out here clearly. they make the cockpit for everybody. there's a lot of other planes being made besides the 787. we're talking about the 8400 planes being ordered. it may put a glitch in boeing. >> it will be interesting to see if they address this issue at all on thursday. >> commercial regional and business jet coming on strong. what i'm trying to do is try to juxtapose the gloom with the fact that business jets are doing well. maybe there's faux gloom. remember donny deutsche, something something new bus, the gloomiest, i don't know, whatever it's called. >> gloomest of the new green. i'm going to make a t-shirt. >> it's like, actually, i think of it myself. >> cramer's hearing voices again. >> wall street breaking for the last key economic report before the bell. we'll get industrial production in a few moments. also ahead, the buyout
argument to make. he's making it. if you have a chance it's worth the read. >> and phil lebeau writing in it's al nippon as in let's all go to dinner. al nippon -- >> that's a-l-l. you heard it on the radio from a dope that didn't know either. two guys -- >> that's the problem. >> two drowning guys holding on to each other. >> if you get the information from newspapers, you don't know how things are pronounced. if you listen to the radio, they get it wrong. >> heard it in the car on the way here. >> you tell your -- you request a certain station from your driver? >> no, whatever -- >> whatever he's listening to. >> eli. a euphemism for joint chiefs. whatever he listens to i listen to. >> his name eli? the same guy every day? >> pretty much. >> no kidding. he's not going to be there tomorrow. >> what a life. what a life. if someone tries to approach the car, is eli -- >> he's big. eli's big, yeah. >> so you do have -- you have muscle and you have a driver. >> absolutely. >> how -- how could you -- >> cool, isn't it? i outrun anyone that's after me at this point. >> i know, the own radio
, other than what phil lebeau was talking about last week. aubl automobiles. essential to the u.s. economy. >> bank of america announcing a $10 billion settlement with fannie mae over mortgage repurchases. they will pay $6.7 billion to buy loans held on fannie's books. the basil committee is relaxing liquidity for banks. banks said they could not meet the jarn 2015 deadline. wells fargo, adding citigroup to its priority stock list. another positive mention of citi today on top of a bunch of upgrades last week. a broader issue, the basel requirements are going to be key to these banks. they're also loosening the restrictions on what sorts of assets can be held on the books and counted toward this liquidity coverage ratio. >> it's much more favorable for the banks. and also it will not take place until 2019. although when it goms to basel, many of the requirements are not yet in force. it's a positive for the banks, no doubt about that. couple that with the new stress test, whether there will be an ability to return more capital. >> the news today from bank of america, we should point out, i
former protege's trading actions calling them inexcusable and inexplicable. let's get to phil lebeau now. electric car owners beware. you may be saving on gas but now a new tax may be coming your way. phil lebeau does join us now with that surprising and somewhat controversial story. phil? >> thank you very much, andrew. what we're talking about here is the vehicle miles traveled tax that a number of states are considering. essentially it comes down to this. when you look at what's happening in the state of washington they have just implemented this year a $100 per vehicle tax on all electric vehicles. now washington's e.v. tax revenue will go to the state tronz portation budget. this is the beginning of what we're hearing many states discuss about ways to make up for gas tax revenues that are under pressure due to the recession. remember over the last several years, because of the recession, people were driving less. also gas tax revenues for a number of states are threatened by more fuel efficient vehicles. you might be saying to yourself wait a second, aren't we paying a lot in gas ta
to identify first. >> phil lebeau, thank you very much. >> the markets are at or near multi-year highs across the board and secondly are republicans backing off? we' one gop member of congress will explain what's going on in washington next. quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >>> washington, house lawmakers getting read to raise the debt ceiling. speaker boehner is expected to give a news conference later toda today. >> there are a lot of deadlines in washington for investors to keep track of, they each carry their own risk. let me walk you through what we are expecting. starting tomorrow on wednesday, the house republicans say they're going to have a vote to extend the debt ceiling. they say they will raise the $16.4 trillion cap enough to extend the debt ceiling to mid-may. on march 1st, you have the sequester, when the spending cuts will kick in. about $85 billion of cuts automati
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